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5 Most Famous Australian Native Plants



Australia has the best hybrid native plants that we have ever seen in 200 years. They have a fantastic colour range, sizes, and spectacular flowering.


Australian Natives

Photo: @sugartreephotography


These are the 5 most popular Australian native plants:

Banksia, Waratah, Wattle, Bottlebrush and Eucalyptus.

1. Banksia flowers 

This is one of our favorite native flowers, they come in all shapes and sizes. The largest Banksia is call Spinulosa “hairpin banksia’. The magnificent feature of the plant is that they have such a huge flower that is loved by insects, butterflies, and nectar-feeding birds.

Banksia flowers are huge in floristry. We used them to create large installations for weddings and events as well as in our classic Australian native bouquets. One of the reasons why we love banksia is that they can last up to three to four weeks in a vase with water.

 Sydney Florist - Banksia flowers

Photo: @sugartreephotography


2. Waratah flowers

We love Waratah flowers, they are a real beauty!

The tree Waratah is a large rainforest tree that can grow up to 35 meters and it only grows in North Queensland. 

They have a beautiful heart shape and they come mostly in red, orange, and yellow colour palette. The form of their long tubes that split apart makes them very popular with birds. 

We use Waratah flowers when they are in season in our vase arrangements. The colors of this plant provide a touch of texture and sophistication. 

sydney florist Waratah

Australian Waratah


3. Yellow Wattle

It is an Australian national Flower. It captures the essence of the bush!

The wattle grows all over the country along the southeast coast of Australia. This plant is pretty amazing! It’s been around for about 35 million years, and it survived any weather conditions. You can find wattle prints on coins and Australian metals. The celebration of the national wattle day is on September 1st.

There are different wattle species, and they’re vibrant and usually yellow. We love to use wattle in our flower arrangements and native bouquets because it has a distinctive yellow bud that can give a nice texture and movement.

The yellow wattle embodies the Australian spirit.

sydney florist australian natives
Australian Wattle


4. Bottlebrush

This plant grows in every state of the country, bottlebrush is also a firm favourite of honeyeaters and butterflies. It makes a colourful plant with bush and growth to 2.5meters. 

There are different varieties through the seasons, we love to explore and create beautiful floral experiences with this type of Australian natives.

Bottlebrush has a brilliant blood-red colour palette. This plant is perfect to use alongside fences, walls, or for a narrow garden, they can handle heat and humidity very well.

sydney florist Bottlebrush
Australian Bottlebrush


5. Eucalyptus

There is so much diversity in the eucalyptus group of family. There are over eight hundred species, some of the most popular Australian eucalyptus are river red gum and sugar gum tree.

Eucalyptus gum tree is the most iconic symbol of the Australian native environment. Eucalypts are perfect for your home garden, especially if you are looking for something unique. We love using eucalyptus in our flower bouquets, they bring a diverse range of colours in the foliage and we love the way they smell! 


sydney florist australian natives

Photo: @sugartreephotography


We love to explore the beauty of Australian native flowers through the year creating stunning flower arrangements that represent the iconic native environment.  

What is your favourite Australian Native Plant?

We love Banksia and eucalyptus!


Angela XO

Creative Director

Palette de Flores

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