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The Ultimate Guide to Sydney Flowers: Types, Colors, and Meanings


Sydney is home to a stunning array of flowers, each with their own unique beauty and symbolism. Whether you're a local or a visitor, our ultimate guide to Sydney flowers will help you appreciate and understand the different types, colours, and meanings of these natural wonders.

Introduction to Sydney Flowers

Sydney is renowned for its natural beauty, and this extends to its floral displays. Sydney's floral displays are diverse and beautiful, ranging from the famous Waratah to the tiny boronia. This comprehensive guide will examine the various species of flowers that may be found in Sydney, their hues and symbolic meanings, as well as how to appreciate and take care of them. This guide is for you whether you're interested in flowers or simply want to learn more about Sydney's natural beauty.

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Types of Sydney Flowers and Their Meanings

Many different kinds of flowers, each with its own special beauty and symbolism, may be found in Sydney. For instance, the renowned Waratah, which is the state flower of New South Wales, stands for tenacity and fortitude. On the other hand, the tiny boronia represents love and affection. The banksia, which stands for tenacity and protection, and the kangaroo paw, which denotes luck and wealth, are two other common Sydney flowers. You can select the ideal bouquet for any occasion by knowing the significance of these flowers.


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Colours of Sydney Flowers and Their Symbolism

Sydney flowers' colour have special connotations as well. The Waratah and banksia are two examples of red blooms that represent passion and love. Like the wattle and kangaroo paw, yellow flowers stand for joy and companionship. White flowers, including boronia and flannel flowers, stand for innocence and purity. Pink flowers, such as boronia and waxflower, stand for admiration and grace. The native violet and heath myrtle are examples of purple blooms that represent opulence and grandeur. Making a symbolic and unique bouquet of Sydney flowers can be made easier by being aware of the symbolism behind their colour.

How to Choose the Right Sydney Flowers for Your Occasion

It can be challenging to select the ideal Sydney flowers for your event, but it doesn't have to be. Start by deciding what kind of event it is and what message you want to get across. For instance, red flowers, which stand for passion and love, are a good choice if you're delivering flowers to a romantic companion. Yellow flowers can signify joy and friendship when you send flowers to a friend. Consider the recipient's preferences as well as any cultural or religious customs that might affect the flowers you choose. You can select the ideal Sydney flowers for any event with a little thinking and consideration.

Tips for Caring for Your Sydney Flowers

Once you've selected the ideal Sydney flowers for your celebration, it's critical to carefully care for them so they last as long as possible. Trim the stems at an angle and then submerge them in clean water with flower food to start. Keep the flowers away from draughts and direct sunlight, and change the water every few days. Remove any wilted or broken flowers right once to keep them from ruining the bouquet's other blooms. Your Sydney flowers can brighten your room for days to come if you take good care of them.

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Edible Flowers 101: A Beginner's Guide to Using Them in the Kitchen


Edible flowers are a unique and beautiful addition to any dish, but did you know they can also add flavour and nutrition? From sweet to savoury, there are many ways to incorporate these delicate blooms into your cooking. Learn about the different types of edible flowers and how to use them in your dishes with this helpful guide.

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Know Which Flowers are Safe to Eat

Know which flowers are suitable for consumption before using them in your recipes. Some flowers might even be harmful, and not all flowers are edible. Roses, violets, lavender, and nasturtiums are a few common edible flowers. However, it's crucial to complete your homework and confirm that you are utilising the appropriate flower variety. Avoid purchasing edible flowers that have been treated with pesticides or other chemicals and always get them from reliable sources.

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Image of Pinterest. Photo by tMichelle Ferrand | Cup of Zest

Use Edible Flowers As a Garnish or Ingredient

There are numerous methods to use edible flowers in cooking. They can be used as a garnish to give a dish a splash of colour and aesthetic appeal. Add a few petals to a salad, bowl of soup, or dessert. There are recipes that call for edible flowers as an ingredient. For instance, you can give baked dishes or sauces a delicate flowery flavour by infusing cream or butter with lavender or rose petals. In recipes, nasturtiums can be substituted for capers, and candied violets can be used as a garnish on cakes and cupcakes. There are countless options!

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Experiment With Different Flavours and Textures

One of the most exciting things about using edible flowers in the kitchen is the opportunity to experiment with different flavours and textures.  Some flowers, like rose and lavender, have a delicate flowery taste that goes well with sweet foods. Others have a peppery or spicy flavour that can provide a bite to savoury recipes, such as nasturtiums and chive blooms. The texture of edible flowers should be taken into account when utilising them in recipes. Some blooms, such as violas and pansies, have a delicate texture that is easily wilted or harmed. Some ingredients, such as calendula and marigold, have a somewhat chewy texture that can give a meal a special touch. Don't be scared to experiment with different combinations to find what suits your taste the best.

Consider the Colour and Appearance of the Flowers

It's crucial to think about a flower's colour and appearance before incorporating it in a meal. Pansies and marigolds, which have vivid colours, can offer a splash of colour to a dish, while lavender and camomile, which have softer hues, can have a calming effect. The size and shape of the flowers should also be taken into account because they can provide a dish more visual intrigue and texture. For instance, a garnish of small, delicate flowers, like violets, can offer a sense of refinement to a dessert, or a bolder presentation can be made with the use of larger flowers, like hibiscus.

Store and handle edible flowers properly

To preserve their safety and freshness while using edible flowers in cooking, it's crucial to store and manage them appropriately. To begin with, only use flowers that have been officially designated as edible and have not received any pesticides or chemical treatments. For the greatest flavour and look, keep them in a cold, dry location and use them right away. Remove any stems or green pieces and gently wash the ingredients in cold water before using them in your cuisine. Finally, keep in mind that certain persons can be allergic to or sensitive to particular kinds of flowers, so use them sparingly and moderately.

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Flowers for Funerals in Sydney


Sending funeral flowers may be a meaningful way to show your condolences and support during this trying and emotional time. Losing a loved one is a painful and emotional process. Our guide can assist you in making the best selection of funeral flowers in Sydney to pay tribute to the memories of your loved one.

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Understanding the Symbolism of Funeral Flowers

Since ancient times, people have sent funeral flowers as a way to show their sympathy and respect for the deceased. Since each flower has an own significance and meaning, it's critical to pick the appropriate arrangement for the situation. For instance, roses stand for love and respect, while lilies are frequently connected with the soul of the deceased being restored. Choosing the ideal arrangement to express your sincere sympathies might be made easier if you are aware of the symbolism associated with funeral flowers.

Sympathy flowers sydney

Choosing the Right Type of Flowers for the Occasion

When choosing flowers for a funeral, it’s important to consider the relationship you had with the deceased and their family, as well as any cultural or religious traditions. Some popular options include lilies, roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums. White flowers are often chosen for their association with purity and peace, while red flowers can symbolize love and respect. It’s also important to consider the size and style of the arrangement, as well as any personal touches you may want to add, such as a favorite color or type of flower.

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Selecting the Right Colour Scheme

The colour palette of the flowers you select at a funeral can be crucial in expressing your condolences and support. White flowers are a customary option at funerals since they stand for peace, innocence, and purity. Peach flowers can indicate adoration and thanks, while red flowers might stand for love and respect. Yellow flowers can signify joy and camaraderie, but they should be handled with care because in some cultures they can also signify betrayal or resentment. When choosing the colour scheme for funeral flowers, it's necessary to take the deceased's family and their cultural and religious customs into account.

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Deciding on the Arrangement Style

When choosing funeral flowers in Sydney, it’s important to consider the arrangement style that best suits the occasion. Wreaths are a common option since they stand for continuity and eternal life. Another choice is a standing spray, which is often exhibited on an easel and intended to be seen from one side. A more unique option is a basket arrangement, which frequently features the deceased's favoured flowers or hues. As a final act of consolation and support, condolence bouquets might be sent to the family's residence. When choosing the arrangement style, take the deceased's preferences and characteristics into account.

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Finding the Right Florist in Sydney

Finding the ideal florist is essential when selecting funeral flowers in Sydney. Find a florist who has experience with funeral arrangements and who can make suggestions that are unique to you and your needs while staying within your budget. Along with their shipping options and availability, it's crucial to think about their track record for excellence and customer service. Don't be hesitant to check out prior work on their portfolio or ask for references. The appropriate florist can help you design a lovely and heartfelt memorial for your loved one.

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The Art of Topiary Flowers


A distinctive and lovely way to bring a touch of elegance to any environment is with topiary flowers. You may make gorgeous floral arrangements that will wow your guests with a little imagination and general knowledge. We'll explore the world of topiary flowers in this beginner's guide and demonstrate how to make your own lovely arrangements.

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What is Topiary?

The art of topiary involves trimming and shaping plants to create ornamental forms and patterns. For ages, this method has been utilised to design stunning and elaborate garden displays. Simple geometric shapes to intricate animal or human forms can be created using a variety of plants, such as flowers, shrubs, and trees. Anyone can build beautiful topiary displays in their own garden or house with the correct equipment and methods. 

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Choosing The Right Plants For Topiary

There are various types of plants that can be used in topiary. Some plants respond better than others to shape and pruning. It will be simpler to shape and manage plants with small leaves and dense foliage. Spray Roses, William, and Wax flowers are common topiary flower selections, but you can also add a fragrant touch by using herbs like rosemary or lavender. When choosing plants, keep in mind that some may not survive in specific areas depending on the climate and growth circumstances in your area.

Tools and Materials Needed For Topiary

You will require a few necessary tools and supplies in order to make beautiful topiary flowers. Pruning shears, floral wire, a foam ball or cone, and a solid base like a pot or urn are some of them. Additionally, you might wish to spend money on a topiary frame or template to use as a guide for shaping and trimming. Choose topiary-friendly plants and flowers when choosing your materials, and think about using floral foam or oasis to help keep your arrangement in place. Any guest will be impressed by your gorgeous topiary flowers if you use the appropriate equipment and supplies.

Sydney florist topiary

Basic Topiary Techniques

The art of topiary involves trimming and shaping plants to create ornamental forms and patterns. You must learn certain fundamental skills before you can begin topiary. These involve choosing the appropriate plants for your design, shaping and trimming the plants to get the required shape, and long-term upkeep of the topiary. Additionally, you might wish to experiment with various design elements including geometric shapes, animals, and abstract patterns. You can learn the art of topiary and make gorgeous floral arrangements that will dazzle any visitor with a little time and effort.

Tips for Maintaining Your Topiary Creations

It's crucial to properly maintain your topiary masterpiece after you've finished creating it in order to keep it looking its best. The pattern must be maintained, and the plant must be regularly pruned and shaped to keep it from becoming unruly. To maintain the plant healthy, you might also need to fertilise it and water it frequently. Insects and illnesses that could harm your topiary should also be watched out for. Your topiary design can last for many years if given the right attention and care.

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Same-Day Flower Delivery in Sydney

Same-Day Flower Delivery in Sydney: Your Ultimate Guide


If you are unable to be present in person, sending flowers is a wonderful way to show someone you care. We can take care of your needs for same-day flower delivery in Sydney. No matter the occasion, this guide will assist you in selecting the ideal bouquet to make someone's day.

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Why Choose Same-Day Flower Delivery?

Same-day flower delivery is a lovely and useful way to show someone you care, even if you're short on time. If you're sending flowers as a surprise for a loved one's birthday or as a last-minute birthday gift, same-day delivery ensures that they arrive on time and in good condition. It's also a great way to make someone smile and let them know you're thinking of them.

Finding The Right Florist For Your Needs

When it comes to same-day flower delivery in Sydney, it's important to find the right florist for your needs. Pick a florist with a wide selection of fresh flower arrangements and a proven track record of quality and dependability. Considerations like price, shipping options, and customer service may also be important. Reading reviews and asking friends and family for recommendations can also help you choose the best florist for your needs.

Choosing The Perfect Bouquet For Any Occasion

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just want to brighten someone's day, choosing the perfect bouquet is key. Pick a florist with a wide selection of fresh flower arrangements and a proven track record of quality and dependability. Considerations like price, shipping options, and customer service may also be important. Reading reviews and asking friends and family for recommendations can also help you choose the best florist for your needs.

Tips For Ensuring Your Flowers Arrive Fresh and Beautiful

When it comes to same-day flower delivery, it's important to take steps to ensure your flowers arrive fresh and beautiful. Pick a trustworthy florist first that has a history of punctual and high-quality delivery. In order to prevent severe heat or intense sunshine, take into account the weather and time of day when scheduling your delivery. Last but not least, confirm that the receiver is available to receive the flowers and has a vase or other display vessel prepared. You may be sure that your considerate present will be accepted and valued if you keep these suggestions in mind.

Additional Gift Options To make Your Delivery Extra Special

There are other methods to make your same-day delivery even more personal, even though flowers are a timeless and considerate gift. Think about including a little gift or treat with your order, such some chocolates, champagne, or a unique card. You may make your bouquet stand out by selecting a distinctive vase or container. Some florists go so far as to embellish your present with extras like candles or balloons. Whatever you decide, adding a special touch can enhance the impact of your same-day flower delivery in Sydney.

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Plant Delivery Sydney

The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Kokedama Plants: Tips and Tricks


Kokedama plants are a unique and beautiful way to decorate your home with greenery. Also known as "moss balls", they are traditionally made from moss, soil, and the roots of an ornamental plant such as ferns or bonsai trees. Kokedama is an ancient Japanese art form recently gaining popularity in modern-day gardening circles.

This guide provides all you need to know about caring for kokedama plants: tips on how to look after them indoors and outdoors, what kind of soil works best, how often you should water them – plus many more helpful hints! With these easy-to-follow steps, you can have your own lush green kokedama garden in no time at all! So, read on to find out more about this unique and beautiful art form.

Plant delivery sydney

Photo: @sugartreephotography

Explanation Of The Floral Technique: Kokedama

Kokedama is a type of bonsai technique where the soil and roots of an ornamental plant are wrapped in moss to form a special ball-shaped structure. The Japanese name "koke" means "moss," and "dama" means "ball"; hence the name "kokedama". This technique allows gardeners to create beautiful, small-scale displays with plants that normally wouldn't have enough room for traditional pots or containers. Furthermore, kokedama is becoming more popular as an indoor gardening option since the moss helps lock in moisture and keeps the soil from drying out quickly.

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Importance Of Taking Care Of Indoor Plants:

Indoor plants are an important part of any home. Not only do they add beauty to your space, but they also help purify the air, reduce stress, and provide a sense of wellbeing. Taking care of plants can be intimidating for some because it involves knowledge about light requirements, watering needs, and more. With kokedama, however, caring for your plants is much simpler since the moss ball helps to retain moisture and keep the soil from drying out. Also, because the plants are smaller and require less water than regular-sized house plants, they are easier to transport if you need to rearrange your home.

How to Look After Kokedama Plants? Tips And Tricks

Now that we've discussed the basics of kokedama, here are some tips for taking care of your moss ball plants:

1) Watering Frequency

One of the most important factors to consider is how often you water your beloved plants. Regular watering is key to keeping them healthy and thriving, so take this step! We recommend watering your kokedama every eight days, adjusting the frequency slightly depending on your climate. Consistency is key, so create a watering schedule to ensure you remember to give your plants the hydration they need to flourish. Furthermore, make sure to only water from the top, avoiding puddles. Staying on top of watering will reward you with vibrant greenery and a beautiful addition to your space.

Deliver Plants In Sydney
2) Watering Process:

The best way to tell when your kokedama is hydrated is by feeling the weight of it. A fully hydrated moss ball should be heavy and feel saturated. If you lift it up with two fingers, it should just about hold its shape. Place your Kokedama plant in a bucket of water and let the moss ball absorb the water. The duration of time for leaving the ball submerged is typically around 10-20 minutes. While you're waiting, you can watch as the moss ball slowly takes in the water, and you'll know it's fully hydrated once it looks green and plump. However, be careful not to leave your kokedama in the water for too long; this can cause root rot. Once it's done soaking, pick it up and allow it to rest until the excess water drains off.

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3) Draining Excess Water:

Once the moss ball is saturated, you must ensure its drainage holes are clear and unblocked. It's essential to allow for proper drainage to prevent root rot and other common problems. To achieve this, be sure not to squeeze the ball of soil too tightly, as this can limit the plant's ability to drain excess water. Instead, gently remove the ball of kokedama from its container and let the excess water run off, being sure not to disturb any of the roots. With a little care and attention, your kokedama plants will thrive and bring beauty to any space they're in.

plant delivery sydney
4) Fertilizing Kokedama Plants

Fertilizing is an important step in keeping kokedama plants healthy and vibrant. Applying liquid plant fertilizer every month will help to ensure that your plants are provided with the essential nutrients they need to grow. However, it's important to dilute the fertilizer by half of the recommended concentration, as too much fertilizer can damage roots and leave you with a brown, unhealthy-looking moss ball.

Mix your chosen liquid indoor plant fertilizer into a bucket or bowl of water to fertilize. Then submerge your kokedama plant into this mixture for around twenty minutes, allowing it to soak up all the necessary nutrients from the soil. Afterward, simply remove the ball from its container and allow for proper drainage before placing it back in its pot or basket. Following these steps will help to keep your kokedama plant healthy and looking great all year round.

sydney florist



Does plant delivery sydney have kokedama plants?

Yes, we do! We offer a wide selection of indoor  kokedama plants that can be ordered online for delivery right to your doorstep.

How long does it take for a kokedama plant to grow?

Kokedama is a slow-growing plant, so it may take several months or even longer before you see any noticeable growth. With the right care and attention, however, you should begin to witness some gradual changes within just a few weeks. Patience is key!

Can I indoor plant delivery sydney?

Yes, we offer delivery for indoor plants!

How I find plant delivery near me?

Type in "plant delivery near me" into the search engine, and you should be able to find plenty of local plant delivery services. Once you've found a few providers, it's always best to compare their prices and reviews so that you can make an informed decision as to which one is right for you.

Why pot plant delivery sydney are becoming more popular?

Pot plant delivery sydney is becoming increasingly popular as it allows people to have their favorite green friends delivered straight to their door. Not only does this save time, but it also ensures that the plants arrive fresh and ready for display in your home or garden. Plus, there's no need for a complicated setup – just unbox and enjoy!

Is kokedama easy to care for?

Yes, kokedama plants are relatively easy to look after. They require minimal maintenance and don't need constant attention or daily watering like some other houseplants. With a little bit of love and dedication, your kokedama plants will thrive in any environment you put them in.

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Kokedama plants are an incredibly beautiful and rewarding addition to any home. Following the tips listed in this guide and being mindful of your plant's unique needs can help ensure you keep it healthy and enjoy its beauty for years to come. Change up the presentation of your Kokedama occasionally or repot it into different materials to keep things interesting! If you put in a bit of extra effort to care for and maintain a Kokedama, then you can have proof that taking care of something brings great reward. Planting is fun, and with these tips, you now have all the tools and tricks to make sure your kokedama stands strong and proud. If you would like access to a wide selection of kokedama plants, don't forget to check out here today!

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valentines day flowers sydney

Sydney's Best Valentine's Day Flower Ideas & Bouquet Inspiration 


Valentine's day is quickly approaching, and it's time to start thinking of the perfect way to shower your loved one with love. If you're looking for an extravagant valentine's day gift in Sydney, sending a romantic bouquet of flowers may be just the thing! Not only do they express sentiment and appreciation, but flowers also come with many health benefits too. Uplifting mood and alleviating stress. To help make choosing a floral arrangement even easier, we've rounded up some of our favourite bouquet ideas from around Sydney tailored perfectly for your significant other or special someone this Valentine's day.

Valentines Day Flowers Sydney

5 Flower Ideas & Bouquet Inspiration 

1) Colombian Red Roses, Pink Floyd Roses:

Nothing says "I love you" like a dozen roses. Our Colombian red roses come in bunches of 12, 24, 36,100 and 300 stems. Paired with pink Floyd roses and other seasonal blooms, make for a beautiful mix of colours and textures that will make your loved one feel extra special this Valentine's day! This beautiful valentines day flowers bouquet comes with a special Valentine's day card. So, you can express your love with a special message.

2) Red Roses Bouquet:

This stunning bouquet is perfect for the traditional romantic. Carefully crafted from premium Colombian Roses, each stem of these gorgeous flowers is handpicked with love and attention to detail. This hand-tied bouquet will certainly make your loved one feel special. This Valentine's day gift also comes with a complimentary message card so that you can let them know just how much they mean to you.

Red Roses Bouquet Sydney

3) Floral Love Heart:

This Valentine's day, surprise your special someone with something truly unique and beautiful the floral love heart. Crafted with love and skill from the finest blooms, this unique design is sure to make them smile in delight. Featuring a combination of delicate white roses, spray roses, French dianthus, and hypericum berries, all kept secure in the Palette De Flores signature gift box. Show your partner the extent of your affection with this exquisite gift that stands at 30x26 cm for a truly eye-catching presentation. And don't forget to include that special message. Whether this valentine's day is the first or fiftieth, make it extra memorable with the special gift of a floral love heart.

valentines day flowers sydney

4) Sweet Love Gift Box:

The sweet love gift box is the perfect way to show your loved one how much you care this valentine's day. Give them a gift that combines colour, fragrance, and all the little things that say "I love you". This sweet love gift box includes a handcrafted petite red flower arrangement beautifully styled in a hat box, a mini Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial 200ml, a Lindt assorted chocolates box 150g, and finally, a card message with a beautiful floral and gold wax stamp. All of this arrives in one luxurious Palette De Flores gift box for you to give as an unforgettable statement of love.

valentines day gift boxes

5) Chocolates

Complete your Valentine's Day gift with an extra special something. The Lindt assorted chocolate box is the perfect way to add an extra spark of affection to your present. With a selection of delicious treats, including truffles, pralines, and more, this 150g box is sure to make any sweet tooth feel satisfied. And don't forget the special message card. Add a personal touch to your Valentine's Day gift with a few heartfelt words of love and appreciation.

flowers and chocolates sydney

Does Valentine's Day Flower Delivery Sydney Come With A Message?

If you're planning to send someone special a bouquet of beautiful Valentine's Day flowers in Sydney, the answer is yes! Palette De Flores will offer card options that include a pre-written message or blank space for you to compose your own memorable message.

What Are The Best Valentine's Day Flowers In Sydney?

The best Valentine's Day flowers in Sydney depend on the recipient and their preferences. Popular options include red roses, tulips, orchids, and pink floyd roses. You can also combine different flower varieties to create a unique, bespoke bouquet.

Do You Offer Valentine's Day Flower Delivery Sydney?

Yes, Palette De Flores offers same-day flower delivery in the greater Sydney area, so you can make sure your loved one receives their flowers and gifts on time. We also offer a range of other delivery options, including hand-delivered Valentine's Day flower boxes.

Do You Offer Gift Wrapping?

Yes, Palette De Flores offers gift wrapping and packaging options to make your Valentine's Day gift look extra special. We also offer a range of complimentary messages so you can perfectly express your feelings.

Can I Request Substitutions For My Flowers?

Absolutely! Palette De Flores will do their best to accommodate any requests and work with you to create the perfect bouquet for your special someone on Valentine's Day. Contact us directly here for more information.

Can I Request A Custom Design?

Yes, Palette De Flores offers custom designs for Valentine's Day bouquets. Contact us with your request, and we will work with you to create something special just for your loved one. 

Now that you've peaked at some of the special Valentine's Day bouquet inspirations Sydney offers, it's time to make your decision. Whether you opt for something sustainable, classic, or customised, Palette De Flores has got you sorted. Why wait? Get to ordering now and surprise your special someone with that perfect Valentine's Day gift! With an extensive selection of fresh blooms, creative designs, and quality service, be sure that your flower arrangements will make this day more memorable than ever.

Let Palette De Flores help you spread the love this Valentine's Day!

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Get Your Christmas Shopping Done With These Flower Gifts

Get Your Christmas Shopping Done With These Flower Gifts


Christmas is just around the corner, and if you're like many people, you still have some shopping to do. Why not take the hassle out of it all by buying your loved ones beautiful flowers from Palette De Flores? Our floral pieces are filled with gorgeous blooms that will brighten up any home and make perfect gifts for family and friends. Whether you're looking for a gift for your loved ones or want to treat yourself, we've got something special for everyone!

        Christmas Flowers Sydney

Photo: @sugartreephotography

How Can I Choose The Right Floral Gift?

With our selection of Christmas Flowers Sydney, you can choose the right hamper for any occasion. From traditional Christmas designs to modern arrangements, there's something for everyone! Whether you're shopping for yourself or a loved one, our Christmas flowers are sure to bring a smile to their face. And with our convenient delivery options, you can deliver your gift to the recipient's doorstep.

Does Christmas Tree Hamper is a Good Idea For Making Christmas Special?

A Christmas tree hamper is a great way to make Christmas more special. Instead of just having a regular tree, which can get old after a while, setting up your own tree with a festive and creative flair can add an exciting twist to the holiday season. Not only does it bring some personalisation to your celebration, but it also makes for some great family bonding time as you craft your own celebratory decorations together. With so much freedom of creativity in the mix, it's hard not to have an amazing time coming up with your own funky and colourful decor! Above all else, a Christmas tree hamper offers families and individuals an experience of true festive joy this season without any extra hassle or stress - what could be better than that?

Christmas Tree Hamper

How Can I Decorate The Dinning Table?

For a festive Christmas dinner, nothing quite beats a traditional table centrepiece. Decorating your dining table with festive flowers is an easy way to bring that classic holiday feel to the dinner table this season. Start by finding a basket or hamper that fits your decor and colour scheme, such as a natural wicker basket in green and red. Fill it with greenery such as holly branches, fir cones, and festive items such as silver bells and jingle sticks. Add in a selection of winter fruits like apples and pineapples, then finish up with some candles to add warmth to the display. For the wow factor, tie on a big, shiny star for the finishing touch, all that's left for you to do is enjoy the special Christmas meal!

Christmas Table Centrepiece

Photo: @sugartreephotography

Does Christmas Wreath Good for Making Christmas Special?

A Christmas Wreath is a great way to bring some extra festive cheer into your home this holiday season. Whether you hang it on the front door or use it as a centrepiece on your dining table, a Christmas wreath is sure to bring that classic Christmas feel into your home. For a truly unique Christmas Wreath, you can also try making your own using Christmas flowers. Place a selection of festive blooms in the centre of a grapevine or straw ring, and add some Christmas decorations such as holly berries, Christmas ribbon, pine cones, and Christmas lights to finish off the look. It'll be sure to bring some Christmas joy to your home this season! But if you don't have enough time to make your own, you can always order one from Palette De Flores!.

Christmas Wreath Sydney

Can I Add Bottles of Buds To My Christmas Table Decoration?

The holidays are all about having a festive atmosphere; nothing could bring more cheer to your Christmas table than adding bottles of buds to the decoration! This simple option makes it easy to brighten up your space. Not only will it make your place look merry and bright, but it will also be sure to put a smile on everyone's face. A few good quality bottles of buds will make all the difference when setting the mood this holiday season. 

        Bud Vases Sydney

Photo: @sugartreephotography

What Are Christmas Flowers Available At Palette De Flores?

At Palette De Flores, we have a wide selection of Christmas Flowers and Gift Boxes for any occasion. From traditional Christmas Wreaths to modern Christmas flower arrangements, you'll find something that's sure to bring joy to your loved ones this holiday season. We also offer special Christmas hampers filled with festive treats like champagne, chocolates, and Christmas cookies. Or, if you're feeling a bit more creative, you can custom-make your own Christmas hamper from our selection of beautiful Christmas flowers Sydney. Whatever it is you decide to go for, be sure to make this Christmas extra special for your loved ones!

Christmas Hampers Sydney

Photo: @sugartreephotography

Does Flower Delivery Sydney Possible?

Absolutely! We offer same-day flower delivery Sydney-wide, so you can be sure your gift will get to its destination on time. All of our Christmas Flowers are carefully packed and sent with love and come in a range of sizes, styles, and prices. So whether you're looking for a special gift for your family or friends, you can find something perfect at Palette De Flores.

Christmas Flowers Sydney

Photo: @sugartreephotography

Christmas is a time for giving and showing love to those around you, so why not add a little festive cheer with some beautiful Christmas Flowers and hampers from Palette De Flores? From traditional wreaths to modern flower arrangements, we have something that's sure to bring joy and warmth this holiday season. Let's make your Christmas special and give the gift of love this season.

We hope you have a wonderful and memorable Christmas! Happy Holidays!

XO Team Palette De Flores

December 17, 2022 — Luz Angela Riano Jaimes
Chrysanthemum Flowers Sydney

Featured Flower Friday: Chrysie



This flower comes from the Chrysanthemum family and symbolizes eternity. It is of Asian origin and has many variations and colours, in addition, it symbolizes eternity, fidelity, optimism, and wisdom. 

What is a Chrysanthemum?

Chrysanthemums are members of the Compositae family (also known as Asteraceae), which includes sunflowers, dandelions, chamomile, ragweed, and marigolds. The name ‘chrysanthemum’ comes from the Greek word for gold because they were once thought to be made of pure gold.

Chrysanthemum Facts:

  • There are more than 300 species of Chrysanthemum worldwide.
  • The largest species can grow up to 1 metre tall.
  • The smallest species only grows about 15cm high.
  • The average height of all Chrysanthemum species is between 20-40 cm.
  • Most Chrysanthemum species have white or cream-coloured petals.
  • Some species have red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, or even black petals.
  • The number of petals varies greatly depending on the species.
  • The number and arrangement of petals also vary according to the age of the plant.
  • Many Chrysanthemum species produce both male and female plants.
  • Chrysanthemum species generally bloom during the summer
Chrysanthemum Flowers Sydney
Chrysanthemum Flowers Sydney



What are some of your favourite colour of Chrysie flowers?

Drop a comment below

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September 09, 2022 — Luz Angela Riano Jaimes
Sydney Flowers Palette De Flores

Featured Flower Friday: ANEMONE


Anemones are one of the earliest flowering plants. Anemones can be found all over the world. There are more than 1,000 species of anemones. Some of them grow on land while others live underwater. Most anemones are carnivorous and feed on other animals.

The anemone is a very popular plant because it is easy to care for and has many different varieties. It is also very attractive. Many people like to keep anemones as houseplants. They do not need much light or water. They will thrive if they get plenty of sun and some misting every day. If you want to buy anemones, look for ones that are already growing in your garden. You can also buy them at nurseries.

The leaves are usually green but may be red, yellow, or white. The flowers are usually pink, purple, blue, or white. Anemones come in many different colours. Some are bright pink, orange, or yellow. Others are dark purple, lavender, or black. The colour of the anemone depends on its environment. For example, when the anemone is exposed to sunlight, it turns brighter.

Anemones are very easy to grow. All you need is good soil, lots of sunshine, and fresh air. Water should be kept away from the roots so that the anemone does not rot. A well-drained soil is best. Anemones prefer full sun. However, they can tolerate partial shade.


Anemone Flowers Sydney

White Anemone Flowers SydneyAnemone Flowers Sydney

Anemone Flowers Sydney
Anemone Flowers Sydney


We love to feature anemone flowers in our tabletop styling pieces and ceramic trays from Le Jardin.

Love Anemones as much as us? Order our Le Jardin today!

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August 27, 2022 — Luz Angela Riano Jaimes
Birthday Flowers Sydney

What Flowers Are Good For Birthday?


A birthday is a special day for everyone involved. It's a time to celebrate someone else's success and to show appreciation. When choosing the perfect flower arrangement for someone, it can be quite difficult, since we don't know what arrangement or what colour flowers can be perfect for that particular person. That is why we offer the following three tips that will help you choose the perfect Birthday Flowers Arrangement.


One way to select the right flowers is to observe what color predominates in the life of your beloved and their personality.

Bright & Colourful Tones

For those who are happy, fun, spontaneous, and creative, the perfect colours that will highlight their personality would be red, yellow, and orange.

Red is a bold color that can make you look sexy, energetic, and passionate. It’s also one of the most powerful colours in the world. Red has been proven to increase energy levels and boost your mood. Yellow is another bright and cheerful color that makes people feel happy and positive. Yellow also helps keep you alert and focused on what you need to do. Orange is a great choice for any occasion. 

Designers choice flowers sydney

The best way to choose which flowers to send to someone is by looking at the person's birthday or anniversary. If it's a birthday, then you should go with something like designer choice flowers, where you can leave the decision up to an expert team of florists, they will use the best of what's in season in your chosen colour palette and create a custom design for that special someone. Flowers like roses, carnations, tulips, lilies, freesia, and orchids, will be featured in this type of arrangement.

Pretty & Pink Tones

If, the personality of your beloved one is cordial, delicate, tender, and sweet, then rest assured the colours that suit them perfectly are pretty and pink.

Pink is also a beautiful color that is associated with feelings of love, affection, romance, and happiness. If you want to show your appreciation for someone, then this color would make a nice choice for flowers.

birthday flowers sydney

 Photo: @sugartreephotography

Floral Basket design is characterised by its delicacy, it is a mix of different shades of pink, cream and a touch of green colours. Pretty and pink is a design that enhances dreaminess and charm, full of delicate flowers chosen especially to create a unique and beautiful design.

White & Green Tones

If your loved one transmits tranquility, peace, well-being and confidence, the perfect floral tones to highlight their emotions are green and white. The combination of these two colours is a symbol of hope and optimism. It also represents purity and innocence.

A bouquet of white flowers can be used as an expression of support. They are also symbolic of the eternal nature of love and friendship. White roses are particularly popular for this reason, but other types of white flowers such as carnations, stock and freesias can also be used effectively.


A Floral Hat Box is made with exceptional quality and with an elegant touch, specially designed to make this day filled with happiness. It has an elegant shape that will be perfect for any occasion. 

What is your favourite colour palette?

We love Pinks and Bright Colourful tones!

Angela XO

Creative Director

Palette de Flores

July 07, 2022 — Luz Angela Riano Jaimes
Sydney Florist - Australian Natives

5 Most Famous Australian Native Plants


Australia has some of the most beautiful native plants we've ever seen. There is a wide range of colours, sizes, shapes, and beautiful native flowers. 


Australian Natives

Photo: @sugartreephotography


These are the 5 most popular Australian native plants:

Banksia, Waratah, Wattle, Bottlebrush and Eucalyptus.

1. Banksia Flowers 

This is one of our favourite native flowers, they come in all shapes and sizes. The largest Banksia is call Spinulosa “hairpin banksia’. The magnificent feature of the plant is that they have such a huge flower that is loved by insects, butterflies, and nectar-feeding birds.

Banksia flowers are big in floristry. We've used them to create large floral installations for weddings and events, as well as in our Australian native bouquets. One of the reasons we love banksia is because they can last for several weeks in a vase filled with water. 

Sydney Florist - Banksia flowers

Photo: @sugartreephotography


2. Waratah flowers

We love Waratah flowers, they are a real beauty!

The tree Waratah is a large rainforest tree that can grow up to 35 meters and it only grows in North Queensland. 

They have a beautiful heart shape and they come mostly in red, orange, and yellow colour palette. The form of their long tubes that split apart makes them very popular with birds. 

We use Waratah flowers when they are in season in our vase arrangements. The colours of this plant provide a touch of texture and sophistication. 

sydney florist Waratah

Australian Waratah


3. Yellow Wattle

It is an Australian national Flower. It captures the essence of the bush!

The wattle grows all over the country along the southeast coast of Australia. This plant is pretty amazing! It’s been around for about 35 million years, and it survived any weather conditions. You can find wattle prints on coins and Australian metals. The celebration of the national wattle day is on September 1st.

There are different wattle species, and they’re vibrant and usually yellow. We love to use wattle in our flower arrangements and native bouquets because it has a distinctive yellow bud that can give a nice texture and movement.

The yellow wattle embodies the Australian spirit.

sydney florist australian natives
Australian Wattle


4. Bottlebrush

This plant grows in every state of the country, bottlebrush is also a firm favourite of honeyeaters and butterflies. 

There are different varieties through the seasons, we love to explore and create beautiful floral experiences with this type of Australian natives.

Bottlebrush has a brilliant blood-red colour palette. This plant is perfect to use alongside fences, walls, or for a narrow garden, they can handle heat and humidity very well.

sydney florist Bottlebrush
Australian Bottlebrush


5. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is the most iconic symbol of the Australian native environment. They are perfect for your home garden, especially if you are looking for something unique. We love using eucalyptus in our flower bouquets. They bring a diverse range of colours, and we love the smell!  


sydney florist australian natives

Photo: @sugartreephotography

We love to explore the beauty of Australian native flowers through the year creating stunning flower arrangements that represent the iconic native environment.  

What is your favourite Australian Native Plant?

We love Banksia and eucalyptus!

Angela XO

Creative Director

Palette de Flores

July 05, 2022 — Luz Angela Riano Jaimes