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5 Most Famous Australian Native Plants


Australia has some of the most beautiful native plants we've ever seen. There is a wide range of colours, sizes, shapes, and beautiful native flowers. 


Australian Natives

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These are the 5 most popular Australian native plants:

Banksia, Waratah, Wattle, Bottlebrush and Eucalyptus.

1. Banksia Flowers 

This is one of our favourite native flowers, they come in all shapes and sizes. The largest Banksia is call Spinulosa “hairpin banksia’. The magnificent feature of the plant is that they have such a huge flower that is loved by insects, butterflies, and nectar-feeding birds.

Banksia flowers are big in floristry. We've used them to create large floral installations for weddings and events, as well as in our Australian native bouquets. One of the reasons we love banksia is because they can last for several weeks in a vase filled with water. 

Sydney Florist - Banksia flowers

Photo: @sugartreephotography


2. Waratah flowers

We love Waratah flowers, they are a real beauty!

The tree Waratah is a large rainforest tree that can grow up to 35 meters and it only grows in North Queensland. 

They have a beautiful heart shape and they come mostly in red, orange, and yellow colour palette. The form of their long tubes that split apart makes them very popular with birds. 

We use Waratah flowers when they are in season in our vase arrangements. The colours of this plant provide a touch of texture and sophistication. 

sydney florist Waratah

Australian Waratah


3. Yellow Wattle

It is an Australian national Flower. It captures the essence of the bush!

The wattle grows all over the country along the southeast coast of Australia. This plant is pretty amazing! It’s been around for about 35 million years, and it survived any weather conditions. You can find wattle prints on coins and Australian metals. The celebration of the national wattle day is on September 1st.

There are different wattle species, and they’re vibrant and usually yellow. We love to use wattle in our flower arrangements and native bouquets because it has a distinctive yellow bud that can give a nice texture and movement.

The yellow wattle embodies the Australian spirit.

sydney florist australian natives
Australian Wattle


4. Bottlebrush

This plant grows in every state of the country, bottlebrush is also a firm favourite of honeyeaters and butterflies. 

There are different varieties through the seasons, we love to explore and create beautiful floral experiences with this type of Australian natives.

Bottlebrush has a brilliant blood-red colour palette. This plant is perfect to use alongside fences, walls, or for a narrow garden, they can handle heat and humidity very well.

sydney florist Bottlebrush
Australian Bottlebrush


5. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is the most iconic symbol of the Australian native environment. They are perfect for your home garden, especially if you are looking for something unique. We love using eucalyptus in our flower bouquets. They bring a diverse range of colours, and we love the smell!  


sydney florist australian natives

Photo: @sugartreephotography

We love to explore the beauty of Australian native flowers through the year creating stunning flower arrangements that represent the iconic native environment.  

What is your favourite Australian Native Plant?

We love Banksia and eucalyptus!

Angela XO

Creative Director

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July 05, 2022 — Luz Angela Riano Jaimes
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5 Card Messages Ideas



Sometimes it’s the simplest gestures in life that mean the most, which is why expressing your gratitude to loved ones and anyone you are thankful for is so important. 

card message

5 most common messages ideas:

 1.Thank You 

thank you card message

Photo: @palettedeflores

A Thank you message is one of the deepest and meaningful ways to express gratitude. Maybe you can’t repay your recipient for the nice thing he or she has done, but you can reflect the thoughtfulness with the time and care you put into sending a thank you card message.

Here are some examples:

  • My heart just keeps thanking you and thanking you.
  • My heart is overflowing with gratitude. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart!
  • I appreciate everything you do for me with so much care. Thank you!

 2. I Love You   

card message

Photo: @sugartreephotography

Relationships are always better when you can find the words to tell someone how you feel because you know how meaningful it is to the person you love. 

These are some ideas that will help you to express your love:

  • My love, my friend, my one and only — that’s you!  XO
  • “Thank you for your love and all the ways you support me – you’re simply the best.”
  • You fill my life with sweetness and love.

 3. Happy Birthday!

birthday wish with flowers


Everyone loves an inspiring and thoughtful message on their birthday, especially if it's a birthday wish with flowers or a present sent by post.

These three ideas will help you to start writing your card message:

  • Hope this new year will bring you lots of happiness, love, and fun. You deserve it all! Enjoy every moment!
  • Special day, special person, so SPECIAL CELEBRATION! Look forward to seeing you later!
  • It’s time for a little bit of cake and a lot of fun! Happy birthday!

 4. Welcome Baby!

birthday wishes on flowers
 Photo: @palettedeflores


Welcome someone special to the world with a greeting card and flowers will sure to bring joy to any new parents.

Here are some examples:

  • So happy for you two! That’s going to be one lucky baby.
  • Can’t wait to see that sweet little smile.
  • So many happy and wonder-filled times ahead for you… congratulations.

 5. Thinking of you

 birthday wish


Expressing messages of support and love can be difficult at times but here are some sentences that can help you to express your support.

  • “I know you’re going through difficult times with family. Just letting you know you can depend on me as you go through this.” 
  • “This moment is tough. You have every right to take a breath, take a break and heal at your own pace. I’m here for you.”


Which of these card messages ideas will you use on your gifts this year?

We love birthday messages and celebrations!


Angela XO

Creative Director

Palette de Flores


Photos: @sugartreephotography@palettedeflores

July 05, 2022 — Luz Angela Riano Jaimes
sydney florist Phalaenopsis Orchid plant

5 Easy Care Tips to Look After Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants


Phalaenopsis Orchids are wonderful house plants for elegant and sophisticated home decorating. They are universally appealing plants, perfect to decorate any space in your home. 


These plants along with Australian Natives are well known for their long life, which makes them a good gift option. Fresh cut flowers from Palette De Flores last up to a week, but if you want something that lasts longer then Phalaenopsis Orchid plants are a perfect choice. 


 Sydney florist Phalaenopsis Orchid


5 Easy Care Tips to Look After Orchids


1. Find the right environment

Orchids love a bright indirect environment, the best place to keep them is in a north-facing solarium with bright windows all-around cool and no direct light. Light can burn the flowers. 


2. Do not over-watering them


Most of the Phalaenopsis plants come in a transparent pot. That’s because its roots are coated in something which is called phellogen, which absorbs moisture and enjoys being exposed to light. The transparent pot will allow the light to get through. It is recommended to water the Phalaenopsis orchid once a week maximum.


3. They don’t need a lot of heat 


Phalaenopsis orchid plants will last longer in a semi-cool environment just below room temperature is an ideal and very steady temperature. Try to avoid placing the orchid near an air conditioner.


4. What to do when your Phalaenopsis orchid has finished blooming


When your orchid finally finishes flowering, you can rebloom it

On the stem you will see there are little nodule points that are a couple of inches apart down the stem, you can cut it above one of those nodules and you will find within a few months that is getting a new chute.  

In this case, give it a little less light and little less water, and a cooler location for about six months then move it to a warmer location and that should help spur it to produce a new flower spike. 


5. Repot every 1-2 years


According to the experts, Phalaenopsis plants typically like to be repotted every one to two years. It will depend on how big your plat is and how big your pot is. You can repot them in a plastic container, and you can use a specific orchid solid or orchid mix. There are also specific orchid pots that you can find at the local hardware store. These pots have extra holes that go all the way around the bottom of the pot and that provide extra ventilation.


             sydney florist Phalaenopsis Orchids gift


Would you consider a Phalaenopsis Orchids as a gift option?


We would love to hear your comments!


Angela XO


Creative Director


Palette de Flores  

July 05, 2022 — Luz Angela Riano Jaimes
sydney florist christmas flowers

5 Holiday Gift Ideas


Nothing makes us happier than celebrating Christmas with our loved ones. Although this year has been different than most, we are finding many ways to be festive, starting with our annual holiday gift guides.

Before you start looking for the perfect holiday gift, it is important to think about what the person likes, such as colours, hobbies, or interests. This might help you get an idea of where to start. For example, if someone is into cooking, then a cooking book might make an interesting christmas gift option. Fans of home plants will love a Poinsettia plan that will definitely bring the Christmas spirit home.

We’ve got 5 holiday gift ideas from care packages to our favourite candles and gift boxes, there’s surely something on this list for the loved ones in your life…

sydney florist holiday gift ideas

5 Holiday Gift Ideas

1. Gift Cards 

If you don’t know the person well enough, gift cards will lift holiday spirits. There are plenty of different gift cards available we recommend getting them from a place where there is a variety of shops, such as the local shopping center or a mall.

Gift vouchers save you time and are perfect for a last-minute gift. Just make sure you check the expiration date. Usually, it is for three years. They will have plenty of time to choose something they will love!

2. Christmas Wreath


sydney florist

When it comes to Christmas decorations, your outdoor holiday decorations are just as important as the ones you hang up inside. Nothing says Christmas quite like pinecones and cinnamon sticks! 

If you are going to host holiday parties with family and friends this month, Christmas Wreaths bring the festive touch to your house. We like to use fresh flowers and greenery, that will last for the month out of water. We love to decorate them with pinecones and cinnamon sticks!

You can shop online from the comfort of your own home and get a festive Christmas wreath with your loved ones and us!

3. Care Packages

At this time of the year, where many people are not planning vacations, We have been looking for ways to stay connected to our loved ones from afar, We’ve been putting together care packages with our favourite ideas for holiday gifts.

Homemade Pot Pies: 
Now that many of us work from home, we have the  opportunity to cook a little more! We had  found this chicken pot pie recipe which is the perfect option to have fun and you will be able to drop off a meal at a friend’s home. 

Your Favourite Art: 
If you like to draw, paint, or support local artists, you could go to your local market and find a beautiful piece of art that you could send via mail to your loved one.

The Palette De Flores Candles: 
Our go-to for any gift is a handmade candle. Having a candlelit in the house instantly boosts the mood and brings a sense of peace. Bring the wonderful scents home with our Fig, Feijoa + white rose candle, and Bourbon Vanilla, Tonka + Sandalwood. These candles bring a warmth that is suitable in any space - perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.

4. The Palette De Flores Christmas Gift Boxes


sydney florist


There is nothing more special than sending a beautiful gift box. We have created festive plants & candle hampers, which are perfect for someone that wants to send plants instead of flowers. These are a long-lasting present that includes candles, lavender sachets, and a Poinsettia plant, which will bring the festive vibe home.

On the other hand, if you're looking for Christmas flowers, a seasonal bouquet of blooms is a good option, especially in summer where flowers such as Hydrangeas, Dahlias, and Christmas Bush are in season.   

5. Wine and dine vouchers

It’s been a pretty full-on year. We are sure everyone would love wine and dine gateway for a day. This is the perfect opportunity to express your love to that special someone. Here you can find a lot of options to choose from. 

What are you getting for your loved ones in your life for the holidays?

Let us know in the comments below.


Angela XO

Creative Director

Palette de Flores

July 05, 2022 — Luz Angela Riano Jaimes